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Bakery Department

Bakery Department


Your grandma would love the way we bake! We use all the wholesome, pure ingredients she did and never add preservatives or trans fats. Smell the delicious aroma of fresh-baked goods when you walk into Frazier Farms. Our bakers start at daybreak so you can have a tart, muffin or pastry that is fresh from the oven when we open our doors in the morning. Our original breads and desserts are made from scratch from the purest natural ingredients. Look for the sticker that designates items developed by master bakers in the Frazier Farms bakery. Having our own scratch bakery allows us to create healthy, delicious recipes using aluminum-free baking powder and never adding preservatives or trans fats. And, we start our baking just like Grandma did. We never use conditioners or pre-mixes. Don't forget to grab one of our freshly baked French baguettes for dinner tonight. . . chances are it will still be warm.

View our custom cake menu below!